LaCroix Sparkling Water: Target Audience and How To Market It

Adriana Vasseur
3 min readMar 21, 2021

LaCroix Sparkling Water is best described as the top-selling domestic sparkling water and can be considered an essential accessory for millennials in this day and age. LaCroix sells on the fact that they are naturally essenced and free of sugars and artificial ingredients, which makes them a healthier alternative to sugary sodas. This unique selling point is what drives their social media efforts and helps them stand out against their competitors. LaCroix’s social media truly shines as they highlight lots of user-generated content and strive for constant consumer engagement to build loyal relationships with their audience.

Target Market

Having a target market is essential when building a brand’s online digital presence because it gives your content meaning and purpose. It is important to produce content that is geared towards a specific audience, and not just “everyone.” When it comes to LaCroix’s target audience, it is clear that they are focused on targeting millennials and young adults. LaCroix has a strong digital presence across platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but Instagram definitely takes the cake as they have over 180K followers and it is considered the most dominant platform among millennials today. LaCroix incorporates their millennial target audience throughout their social posts. As seen on the left, they use vibrant, youthful, and glamorous pictures to attract their intended target audience. While using this style throughout their content, they still stay true to their brand message of being “naturally essenced” sparkling water.

How to Target the Right Audience

LaCroix’s content on social media truly expresses the type of audience they are trying to reach. They flood their social media platforms with content that appeals to their audience while also showcasing their savory product. They use lively and vibrant colors in their photography and graphics in hopes of attracting their audience. One of their main forms of marketing is the strong use of user-generated content. LaCroix seeks out to find the perfect pictures that fit their brand image while also showcasing how others drink LaCroix in their everyday lives. They have a large female-based target audience, as you can see by quickly skimming through their social media platforms. Most of the people portrayed in their content are all relatively around the age of a millennial, showing how LaCroix mainly targets that demographic.

Another marketing strategy LaCroix uses to target their intended audience is using influencers. LaCroix looks for influencers who love their product and tag them in posts, which will evidently lead to a wider reach. They seek out influencers who depict the healthy but fun lifestyle that encompasses the brands image and voice. LaCroix will then proceed to send them some a few goodies in hopes that these influencers will post and help expand the reach of LaCroix’s audience.

Lastly, LaCroix is very good about staying relevant and in tune with the latest social media trends. Their short but clever captions show young and millennial-like wording to appeal to their audience. They also highlight many different national holidays showing how they stay in tune with social media trends. Below is an example of one of their recent social media posts which highlighted National Plant a Flower Day.

Overall, LaCroix does a great job at reaching their millennial target audience through social media.They use social media tactics such as incorporating UGC, using influencers, and staying in tune with the latest trends to aim to reach that specific audience while also making sure they are staying true to their brand image and voice.