LaCroix Sparkling Water: Target Audience and How To Market It

Target Market

How to Target the Right Audience

LaCroix’s content on social media truly expresses the type of audience they are trying to reach. They flood their social media platforms with content that appeals to their audience while also showcasing their savory product. They use lively and vibrant colors in their photography and graphics in hopes of attracting their audience. One of their main forms of marketing is the strong use of user-generated content. LaCroix seeks out to find the perfect pictures that fit their brand image while also showcasing how others drink LaCroix in their everyday lives. They have a large female-based target audience, as you can see by quickly skimming through their social media platforms. Most of the people portrayed in their content are all relatively around the age of a millennial, showing how LaCroix mainly targets that demographic.



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