How can niche platforms benefit your social strategy?

Adriana Vasseur
4 min readFeb 7, 2021


With social media growing more and more every day, it is important to know how to properly utilize each platform. What many people do not realize is that the use of niche platforms can be very beneficial to your company or your own personal brand. A niche social media platform is a networking space that focuses on people with specific interests. Niche platforms can be beneficial when it comes to growing your business because the community on these platforms all share one common interest or goal. It also creates a space where people can interact with one another without the distractions or the pressures of trying to be “perfect” on social media.

One example of a niche platform that is used by many people is the Nextdoor app. This platform was specifically created to connect neighbors with each other to create overall safer and better communities. This app is a great way to build relationships with neighbors, share information, and find local community resources. Compared to other platforms such as Facebook, Nextdoor connects people locally and is more intimate, versus Facebook groups that have thousands of participants in them. Nextdoor is also a great way for local small business to connect with the people in their area. Nextdoor automatically connects your business to locals who are passionate about the same things you are which ultimately benefits their small business.

Another often used niche platform is Twitch, the world’s largest video live-streaming platform for gamers. Twitch was created for brands to target millennials that have any slight interest in gaming, but it has since grown to stream beyond gaming and focus on just about anything. Creators stream anything from cooking, to singing, to exercise videos. Twitch gives users the opportunity to chat with creators via the chat box which allows users to gain feedback from different artists or gamers. Twitch has a large audience because it gives creators the opportunity to live-stream for up to 48 hours, something that other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook do not allow you to do.

Musician and DJ, Steve Aoki, is one of the many celebrities that stream on Twitch. Aoki has 80.5K followers on Twitch and is actively posting on the platform. He uses Twitch to stream just about anything. He streams gaming videos, trading card videos, and has even used the platform to release new music. Aoki states, “With the gaming industry now doing live broadcasts on Twitch, it makes sense to bridge these two cultures with live music.” He is a big advocate for merging these two industries together and utilizes Twitch to stream both his gameplay and his live sets. He uses Twitch to build a personal connection with his fans by constantly streaming, something he might not be able to do on a bigger social platform.

Overall, I believe that focusing on niche platforms has a great benefit to your social strategies. Platforms such as Nextdoor and Twitch are targeted towards a certain audience with particular interests which can help a brand or company when try to market their business. When you figure out your specific target audience, it is easy to find which niche platform will be best for your brand or company.