Glossier Influencer Marketing

Adriana Vasseur
3 min readApr 4, 2021

Glossier is a beauty brand founded in 2014 with skincare, makeup, body care, and fragrance products. Glossier’s main brand mission is to always put the customer first and to create products with the consumer in mind. Glossier became very much an online brand by building these long-lasting relationships with its customers. They utilized social media to listen to their audience and then were able to create products that everyone wanted.

Glossier got their start from the launch of Into the Gloss, an online beauty blog where people can share products they love. Into the Gloss was founded by Emily Weiss, who later launched Glossier because of the success of her online blog. When Weiss started Into the Gloss, many different beauty brands had not yet begun to heavily use social media as a place to market their brand or product. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to allow others to share different products they love and thus was the beginning of how Glossier came about.

Because of Glossier’s mission and how they came to be, I believe that one influencer Glossier should work with is YouTuber, Summer McKeen (@summermckeen). Summer McKeen rose to fame in 2010 when she started uploading videos on YouTube that focused on beauty and fashion. She quickly created a fan base that related to her videos and who also loved the products she was using. She films content such as her “morning skincare routine” or “nighttime makeup looks” which is what her audience loves to see. Summer McKeen’s large impact on the beauty side of YouTube would make her a perfect influencer for Glossier to work with.

There are many reasons as to why Glossier should consider working with Summer McKeen. Besides the fact that she already uses Glossier products in her everyday routine, she has a very large presence on social media. Summer has over 1 million followers on Instagram and has over 2 million YouTube subscribers. With this type of following, she would be able to help Glossier reach many different people that they may have not reached yet. Aside from this, Summer will be able to film YouTube videos using Glossier’s products as well as post about it on Instagram or Twitter. She will be able to utilize her strong presence as a public figure and reach a wider audience for Glossier.

Glossier focuses on listening to their audience to hear about what products are trendy and what their customers want. Their target audience is a millennial who loves all things beauty. Because Summer McKeen fits this description, she would be the ideal person to engage with Glossier’s audience and bring a millennial face to the brand. Customers will be able to relate to her and will love the type of informative content she would make on Glossier’s products.

In conclusion, I believe that Glossier’s mission and brand purpose align with Summer Mckeen and the type of content she produces. She has a large social presence and she would be able to reach the ideal audience for Glossier while also promoting their products.