Disney’s Cruella: Social Media Marketing Plan

Adriana Vasseur
4 min readApr 23, 2021


Disney’s Cruella is one of the most anticipated live-action feature films of 2021. The release of this film has been pushed back multiple times due to the pandemic and is now set to be released on May 28th, 2021. This film can be digitally marketed in many different ways and the content will focus on what the audience wants to see. The social media platforms that will be used in this marketing plan are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and all the content will resonate with the respected platform. All social posts will use specific hashtags related to the film, will include a mix of visuals and clips from the movie, and will highlight different influencers and user-generated content.


The goal of this campaign would be to increase subscriptions on Disney Plus by 30% and to have the film earn $45M in revenue within the first weekend of release. This goal stems from Disney’s release of the live-action Mulan, which debuted in a similar fashion. Mulan reached a total of $33.5 million in revenue on the first weekend it was released, which is why Cruella should receive more since it is highly anticipated by fans.


The platforms being used in this campaign are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram is being used because it is the most well-known platform amongst millennials and Disney receives much engagement from users on Instagram. Instagram’s target audience ranges from 20–35, which is essentially millennials. Twitter will allow users to interact with each other in real time and engaging conversations. Twitter’s target audience ranges from about 35–65 years old, which is perfect for targeting millennials and families. Lastly, Facebook will target an older demographic and families, and will be used to portray YouTube trailers of the movie and will also be used for paid ads. Facebook targets users 35–65 years old.


The voice of this campaign will be similarly on brand to Disney, but with its own twist. It will include engaging questions and entice the audience to want to stream the film. But, the captions will still be short and sweet just how Disney does it.

Hashtags & Influencers

The hashtags that will be used in each post on all platforms is #Cruella and #DisneyPlus. In my opinon, these two hashtags are the most effective. It is important to not overwhelm the post with hashtags and these two are most likely what fans will search on social media when trying to find content surrounding the film. When it comes to influencers, they will be used throughout the “during event” phase along with user-generated content. Influencers will be able to reach a wider audience and be able to spark conversation around the film throughout different social platforms.

Visual Content

The picture above shows a user-generated content picture from a Cruella fan that will be posted on Instagram for the “during event” phase. The caption will read: “Show us how you’re celebrating the release of #Cruella today! Stream is now on #DisneyPlus.” This will be posted during the release and the film and will be published in the morning.

The picture above will be posted on Facebook as a Facebook Ad that will run for one week. This post will be published during the “pre-event” phase. The caption will read: “We’re just getting started, darling. #Cruella will be available for streaming on #DisneyPlus and in theatres on May 28th!”

The movie trailer for Cruella (shown above) will be posted on Instagram during the “pre-event” phase. The trailer will show the audience a glimpse into the film by providing them with this clip. The caption will read: “Watch out world, Cruella is coming! Watch the official #Cruella trailer now at the link in bio and be sure to stream it on #DisneyPlus on May 28th!”

The goal of tweeting is to get fans talking about the film, which will hopefully be seen by others who have not yet watched it and entice them to want to watch. Example Tweet: “Who already streamed #Cruella on #DisneyPlus? Let us know your favorite part of the film down below!” This tweet will be posted during the “during event” phase.


In conclusion, this marketing plan will utilize the three platforms Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to reach a wider audience and ultimately create conversation around the film. By creating this strategic marketing plan, fans will be able to follow along with the content from the weeks leading up to the release of the film, the moment it was released, and the reactions after many different people have watched it. Ultimately, this plan will be able to create much buzz around the release of Cruella.