Code of Ethics: Adidas

Adriana Vasseur
3 min readApr 18, 2021


Adidas brand is dedicated to making the highest quality sports wear for both men and women. Their purpose is that through sports they have the power to change lives. Their mission is to be the best sports brand in the world. Their attitude is: impossible is nothing. These three statements exemplify the type of brand Adidas is as whole. Adidas uses social media as a way to bring their brand to life and help consumers see their products and new launches. Following the code of ethics below will help prevent the Adidas brand from having any negative backlash on social media and will ensure a sense of brand loyalty with customers as they continue to be trustworthy consumers.

Code of Ethics

  1. Adidas stands by the loyalty to their customers and any sponsored athletes.The Adidas company is committed to keeping the information of all employees and customers private. Posting any public information on social media is frowned upon and consequences will take place if this rule is broken. Information posted to social media should only be related to the company and should only be posted if given approval to do so.
  2. It is important for Adidas to make sure consent is given on any pictures they are posting of people on their social media platforms. This creates a sense of brand loyalty between the customer and the brand. This can also lead to future sponsorships between Adidas and celebrities or influencers.
  3. Adidas does not discriminate against any gender or race. Employees are prohibited from taking part in any activity that has to do with race or gender discrimiantion, whether it be online or in person. They have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who chooses to disrespect or disobey this rule.
  4. If there is ever a communication or company crisis, it is important to release a statement of apology. Keeping silent is not the right move. Being transparent with your audience and letting them know that you are aware and apologetic about the problem will help prevent having a bad image on your brand.
  5. Employees will not use social media to post about any new company products or launches. They will not use their own social media to speak negatively about the company.
  6. Customer service on social media is important. Always address any customer service issue with empathy and compassion towards the customer and try to strategically help them fix the problem. Hear them out and apologize and try to offer them a proper solution.
  7. There must be a sense of consistency across all social media platforms. The way you engage and talk to other customers must be on brand and the content posted must resonate with Adidas overall brand.
  8. Wearing Adidas uniforms reflects on the brand. Employees should never post any inappropriate videos or pictures of them in work uniforms. This will look bad on the brand and can cause negative backlash on social media. When you work for Adidas, you are representing the brand at all times whether it be in your professional life or personal life.